Beta release for early invite users

We are proud of our MVP and embarrassed at the the same time because we know how many features we didn't include and how many improvements we can make. But we also know it's the start of a long journey!


  • Creating and sending missions
  • Scoring and providing feedback
  • Home feed events
  • Basic personal and team settings


  1. This really is an Early Release - You should be prepared to find things which don't work perfectly so please give us feedback on how to make Crewmojo better. You can give us feedback by emailing or by replying to any of our emails. The more feedback you give us, the better!

  2. The app is currently web based and we are building native apps - Right now we have released our app on a web interface that is highly optimised for mobiles. This means we have to provide notifications by email instead of push notifications to your mobile; and the user interface does not have all the beautiful features of a native app. Our goal is to provide native iOS and Android apps soon, so please bear with us.

  3. This version is our Minimum Viable Product - This means we are only just getting started, but we want to make sure we are on the right track and our product is tightly aligned with what our users really want, which leads us to the next point....

  4. We like criticism - As a new product, we're sure you can find lots to criticise - remember though, we'd prefer constructive criticism, so we can make the product better. And please send your criticism to us at before you post it on a blog:)

Thanks for trying Crewmojo and please let us know what you think!
From the #HappyHumans @ Crewmojo