How we calculate your Mojoscore

What's behind the Mojoscore?

The Mojoscore is based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) algorithm.

How is the Mojoscore calculated?

It's derived by asking the same question to your teammates each time you complete a mission or when a mission is completed for you. The question appears below and asks your teammate for a score on a scale of 0 to 10.


The NPS system considers people who score 0 to 6 to be unhappy about mission; 7 and 8 to be passive about the mission; 9 and 10 to be happy about the mission. The calculation subtracts the percentage of unhappy scores from the percentage of happy scores.

This gives a result on a scale of -100 to +100 and is presented in a chart format compared with the team score.


What does the Mojoscore mean?

There are three key bands within the scale:

  • Anything less than 0 and there's room for improvement
  • 0 to 50 is considered good, so being close to 0 is not so bad :)
  • 50 to 100 is considered excellent 

What's more important than the score?

The most important thing is not actually the score, rather it is the direction of the trend line. Ideally you'd like to see it trending upwards from taking onboard and implementing the feedback that comes through from your teammates. This also has the effect of lifting the team's overall Mojoscore so you collectively become better as a group.

What to expect

When you get started you should expect to see some wild fluctuations, this is normal until the the Mojoscores become statistically significant from multiple missions completed.

To look at an example, if you have been scored a 7 and an 8 over a number of missions, your Mojoscore would be 0, this is why we also include additional perspective in the analytics tab that shows the average scores you've received out of 10.

If you have completed just one mission and you were scored a 6, your Mojoscore would be -100. Equally, if you had one mission that was scored a 9, your Mojoscore would be +100. The key point is when you're starting off be aware it will take a few missions for the score to settle.