Inspirations and use cases

Our users have come up with all sorts of great ways to use Crewmojo, we thought we'd dedicate this blog to building a growing list of inspiration and use cases. Let us know if we're missing any!


Using email as a tool for task delegation has a number of issues. If the recipient doesn't respond, then it's on you to remember to follow up. You have to rely on the recipient being organized with their emails as you don't have certainty if it's been received, in progress or in spam or simply forgotten among all the other emails.

Sending a task via Crewmojo allows you to see the real time status without having to ask. You can see if the task has been received, if it's been viewed, if it's been accepted by the recipient and a log of the commitment to complete the task on time. The recipient also receives gentle nudges along the way to keep your task front of mind, while you get updated based on their completion feeling.

Meeting actions

Most action items from meetings are noted by the individual responsible and commitments are often on casual terms. If there is a process of meeting minutes where actions are centrally logged, there is often no follow up process to ensure actions are seen through to completion.

Logging action items as missions into Crewmojo ensures nothing slips through the cracks. Firm commitments are captured, regular follow ups are automated and tasks are reported if not completed by the agreed date.

Strategic Goals

Longer term goals are often forgotten in place of more urgent day to day items. This easily happens when trying to juggle operational activities that carry internal or customer pressure vs a new initiative that has no immediate 'demand'.

Logging strategic goals into Crewmojo keeps them front of mind and progressing. Automated and regular check-ins from the software will request updates on the completion feeling for each goal. These updates are communicated and logged for audit.

One on One's

Check-in's or one on one meetings with team members has become increasingly accepted as a highly effective leadership process. Often these meetings will surface an area of improvement for either the manager or team member. Keeping focused on the area of improvement can be hard, especially when it relates to a behavior or habit.  

Entering the areas of improvement into Crewmojo can set the individual up for success with regular reminders (coming from a tech platform rather than a nagging colleague) that keep the required change front of mind. The emoticon slider for how they team member feels they are doing is a great tool to self-assess and communicate their progress.

Remote teams

Communication with remote teams can be hard without the face to face element. It can be even harder when time zone differences further reduce the amount of speaking time available between team members. 

Crewmojo creates clarity around task related communication. As an example there is no uncertainty if an extension is required, or if a task has been re-allocated to another person, or if an individual agreed to do a task. The communication generated by Crewmojo is succinct and clear so everyone knows exactly where they stand with each task.

Coaches & Mentors

A significant function of coaches and mentors is to act as an accountability partner, especially for those bigger items in the 'too hard basket'. Often these big items will be written on a form which is brought out at each meeting for discussion. This system can breakdown if the individual forgets about the form until the next meeting (easily done) or if mentor doesn't check in frequently enough to keep the pressure on. 

Having these important items loaded in Crewmojo ensures frequent check-ins are automated. Regular reminders are super important for these bigger impact tasks that might not be due for some time but require habitual focus and consistent effort to make them happen.

Sales leaders

Sales leaders often run internal focus projects with their team. Examples might be an end of year push to close a certain amount of business, promoting a specific product or bringing in new leads etc. From a leadership perspective it can difficult to keep the team (especially when distributed) focused over a period of time.

Entering these focus projects into Crewmojo can help keep the team motivated and focused. Knowing that each person on the team shares the same mission and each person will receive a rating at the end of the sprint introduces a little healthy competition. With regular nudges to each sales rep, they'll remain focused on the task for the entire duration.