More about missions

When humans sign up to our service, we see they are most curious about our mission process. Many create a second account just so they can send themselves a mission to see how it works and others send a little tester to close team member.

We know we can improve the experience by providing a Mojobot where a test can be sent - we've got this on a list to tick off, but in the mean time here is a look under the hood of how missions work.

It starts with the big plus button in the bottom right of the app...


This opens up a form where you enter details of the mission you'd like completed:

Pressing send kicks off a task process like no other! First you get to see the exact status of the mission in your list - in this example we can see that task has not yet been viewed.


Anthony will immediately receive a push notification if he has the Crewmojo app and / or an email that looks like this.

When Anthony clicks 'View Mission', he's taken to the app and presented with an option to accept and commit to completing the mission by the due date, or he can renegotiate the date (which kicks off a negotiation process we'll cover in another blog).


If he doesn't choose an action, you get to see the status has been updated in your list as being viewed - so you atleast know he's received it and had an initial look.

Lets assume Anthony clicks 'Accept Mission', he is presented with a question about his confidence levels in completing the mission on time. The question is answered by simply by moving the emoticon slider to a position that reflects his sentiment.


Anthony is given a confirmation screen of the commitment he is about to make.


When Anthony clicks accept, a number of awesome things happen, you get a push notification (if you have the Crewmojo app), you get an email that looks like this.


The status in your mission list is updated with Anthony's completion feeling and an entry is posted to the team feed for everyone to see the commitment Anthony has made.


Anthony will receive a little nudge to give you an update throughout the mission:


You receive regular updates on the status of your mission with some extra pointers when required:

When the mission comes close to the completion time, if not already actioned, Anthony will receive a reminder and can mark the mission as complete or renegotiate the due date. Lets assume he marks the mission as complete, you'll receive a notification:


Clicking 'Score Now' takes you to the feedback process where you have the opportunity to score and provide feedback for the mission(s) completed. The feedback process is two-way, so Anthony does the same for you.


Anthony gets to see the your feedback comment but not the individual score which will be used to contribute to his overall Mojoscore.