Product updates - Jan 17

Task management and the beginning of a new year are a natural marriage with all the new years resolutions being formed. We're super happy to be helping you stay true to your commitments and excited to unveil our updates for January.

  1. Mission status
  2. Email to mission
  3. Draft missions
  4. Smart reminders
  5. Fast toggles

Mission status

We've introduced a fast glance feature so you can see the status of all your missions in the list, without having to click into each one. The screen grab below shows some of the different icons, in this example the:

  • First mission has not been viewed
  • Second mission has been accepted with completion feeling of 50%
  • Third mission has been viewed, but not accepted
  • Fourth mission has been accepted with completion feeling of 100%

Email to mission

This feature allows you to forward an email to and we'll automatically create a mission for you. Here's how it works:

  1. Send an email that you'd like converted into a mission to
  2. We'll create a mission in your drafts section with you as the Launch Director
  3. The email subject will be the mission title
  4. The email body will be in the mission details
  5. You just need to add an Astronaut and Completion Date
  6. We'll take it from there to make sure it gets done

Draft missions

When creating a mission it's now possible to enter just a mission title and then click 'Save Draft'. This is great for meeting actions that need to be logged quickly during the meeting and you can go back later to add Astronauts and Dates when you have more time. You'll find Draft Missions stored at the top of your Missions page.


Smart reminders

We previously had weekly nudges being sent out to Astronauts for any missions exceeding 2 weeks in duration. We recognize the app is being used for longer term goals now (especially at this time of year when annual planning is in full swing). By request, we've made an update so any missions with a duration greater than 2 months will get reminders for completion feeling updates on a monthly basis.


Fast toggles

We've introduced two new fast toggles in the top right of the app.

  1. Missions Toggle is for giving you a list of just the missions you need to complete vs the inclusion of missions you are also waiting on others for.
  2. Completed Toggle is for swapping between missions that are active vs missions that have been completed