Product Updates - March 17

We're proud to share our latest work that's gone into the app with these major updates since our last blog:

  1. Sending an Unassigned Mission
  2. Creating a Personal Mission
  3. Restricted Users

Unassigned Missions

This feature is great for when you need a mission done but don't know who best to allocate the work to. It's also great for missions that could be done by 'the-least-busy' person in a department.

Mission Anybody

Simply create a mission and select the Astronaut as 'Anybody'

This will create an Unassigned Mission at the top of your team's Mission list that looks like this:

This method promotes a self-managing team where anyone can put their hand up for work and accept the mission on their own volition.

There is also greater intrinsic buy-in as individuals not only agree a delivery date but also elect to complete missions under their own volition.

Personal Missions

This was a popular request that allows you to assign a mission to yourself. Our friendly Mojobot will follow you up to ensure you don't forget about your own commitments.

Me Mission.JPG

Simply select 'Me' as the Astronaut and leave the 'Who's monitoring it?' field blank or select 'Nobody'.

You will be identified as the Astronaut and Mojobot will be listed as the Launch Director.

Restricted Users

Allows you to invite users to your team and restrict their view to only missions that they are directly involved with - they will not be able to see anyone else's missions. 

Mission Restricted User

The status of restricted user can be ticked at the time of the invitation to your team. Alternatively the status can be turned off or on under team settings if you are an Admin.

This is ideal for assigning missions to contractors, partners or other users outside of your business and you'd like to have Crewmojo follow them up to completion.