Task lists are just lists! Introducing missions.

Mojify your team by removing the admin from task management...

1. Send a task (mission)

Get commitment on a completion date

2. Automatic follow-ups

Receive progress updates without having to ask

3. Two-way feedback

Build engagement, trust and transparency


Request and upvote features

We're building for our users :) Let us know the features you'd love to see in the app!


Praise in real-time

With a team feed of completed missions, you can engage in praising achievements in a timely, fun and social way. High-five someone for doing an awesome job and tell them why they're so good.


Data backed insights

With powerful insights generated from the software, you’ll see how your team are working with key metrics including:

  • Levels of happiness and engagement across your team
  • Understanding how work actually flows through your team
  • How proactively people communicate about their tasks
  • Objective and accurate performance measures

With this data you'll know when your team are really living your values. Enabling you to reward high performers and identify mediocrity that damages morale.

Same experience on all devices

We built the Crewmojo App from the beginning to deliver the same intuitive interface across all platforms. Download your Crewmojo App by clicking the store icons below.

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