Getting Started

Navigate to 

Click Get Started and follow the prompts to create an account

Access contextual help by hovering your mouse in the Top Right corner of any tile and select WHAT THE... ?


Update your Company Settings:

Hover mouse over the Top Right Corner of the Top Left Tile and select COMPANY SETTINGS

  • Edit company name, tagline and upload your logo
  • Select a person who's objectives will be shown as a 'guiding light' for the rest of the organisation (this can always be updated after you've invited more more people)
  • Select Objective Start Date (this is the first month of your financial year, in Australia you would select July)
  • Select check in frequency (this is how often you would like your managers to have 1:1s with team members)
Company Settings.JPG

Invite team members

Click on HUMANS, then the + icon to invite more team members onto the platform.



Select your manager

Click SELECT SOMEONE and select your manager. If they don't exist in the list then you can invite them. If you don't report to anybody, click NO ONE.


Continuous Performance Management

Watch the 3 min video in the Top Right tile that gives an overview of Continuous Performance Management and how Crewmojo helps to keep your team on track.


Next steps

Awesome, you're all setup! Now go-ahead and...

  1. Create 3 to 5 objectives;
  2. Give a team member some encouraging feedback;
  3. Request a Check In with a team member by hovering over their profile icon; and
  4. Download the App for iPhone or Android