We believe business grows through happier, more successful employees.

Create an unrivalled employee experience, improve employee retention and boost business performance.

Why we started Crewmojo

We are all about helping people to be successful at work. The best teams are enabled to be successful by creating an environment for growth.

We know you can't tell a tomato to grow faster. Neither can you tell an employee to perform better. But you can create a great environment for a tomato to grow really fast... the right amount of sun, water, soil and nourishment. Just like you can create a great environment that enables employees to perform at their best.

Crewmojo helps create a consistent leadership style across your managers for a happy, engaged and high performing team. 🤸

With Crewmojo, employee performance isn't a once a year HR process. It's an ongoing, employee driven way of working that engages and empowers employees through a modern leadership approach.

Why we need a new approach to performance

Companies used to compete with products, features or processes… trying to be better, faster, cheaper or all of the above!

In a world of commoditized technology, low barriers to entry and the ability for products and features to be copied as quickly as you release them, no matter how hard you try - the old way no longer works!

How do you compete when everyone has the same products or services?

Winning companies are delivering out-of-this-world customer experiences that their competitors can’t match. An experience where their customers are soooo close that they feel like an integral part of the business.

An amazing customer experience can only be achieved by creating an amazing employee experience. The old annual approach to performance does the opposite. The new way is continuous, natural and fuels the best employee experience.

Check it out - your employees and customers will thank you for it!

Our Values

Get Uncomfortable

Always learning, trying something new, making mistakes, getting out of our comfort zone.

Be Authentic

All efforts into achieving objectives, no time for creating a facade and pretending to be something we're not.

Bottoms Up

The team work out the way forward and leadership clear the obstacles.

A bit about the founders


Mark Lewis

Mark is a people focused entrepreneur with a passion and curiosity for discovering new approaches to traditional ways. He says "It feels like business has been so focused on efficiency and processes for the last 40 years that we may have overlooked the biggest improvement of all - valuing our people."

Mark was previously co-founder and CEO of IP Payments, Australia's leading payment gateway that was acquired by Nordic Capital in 2015. He has experience building highly engaged teams and a continued thirst for learning novel ways to lead great people. Mark has an Engineering background, loves a practical joke and his weird dance moves are a must-see.


Anthony Fulton

Anthony is a down-to-earth leader that has a knack for just getting stuff done. With an ability to cut through complex issues and break them down, his approach builds great levels of confidence in the team.

Anthony was also a co-founder of IP Payments and responsible for the development of the payments application. As well as coding in his dungeon, Anthony is equally at home with customer interactions and enjoys solving the toughest of challenges that customers throw at him. With an extensive history in commercial software development, Anthony is a lightening fast coding guru but he'll never admit it because he's so ridiculously humble.

Joel Duckworth.jpg

Joel Duckworth

With Joel's wikipedia-like knowledge of technology and #awesome people skills, he leads with serious credibility but remains approachable for day to day challenges.

Joel has previously held senior technology roles with medium sized businesses and enjoys keeping up-to-date with the latest technology solutions. Joel brings to Crewmojo a depth of knowledge and significant hands on experience with Amazon Web Services, software architecture and leadership of DevOps implementations. With a particular thirst for tea, Joel maintains enough antioxidants for all of Sydney.

Behind the scenes