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In today’s world, work isn’t done through hierarchical structures. It’s achieved through dynamic teams that assemble around shared goals and work collectively to solve complex problems. The relationships between team members is critical to harnessing the full creative power of each human. Understand real-time insights to the health of these relationships, see each person’s experience of working through others and how individuals gel with their teammates.

Experience With Colleagues

We all know it’s not the office perks that build employee engagement. A significant sense of engagement comes from working with team members that you feel safe, that have your back and won’t judge you for a making a mistake. When you can see a measure of the experience each person has when getting work done through team members, you get a real-time insight into the health of relationships throughout your organization.

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Happiness Levels

Happiness levels are often a result of things that have happened to us. And when humans are happy it’s a good indicator that harmonious relationships, growth, a sense of belonging and a number of other universal needs are being met in our world. Happiness is also a precursor that allows us to be fully present, creative and collaborative - everything required for higher level thinking activities such as unlearning, learning, reasoning, solution development and complex problem solving. Get real-time insights to happiness levels across teams. Identify the consistently happy teams and use this insight to be curious and find out what they’re doing compared to others so it can be repeated across the organization.

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People Analytics

Use the analytics tool to quickly identify key insights. Then drill deep into the underlying granular data with our interactive data grid and export to CSV for use with other BI tools.

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