Crewmojo Speaker Profile and Topic

Mark Lewis Crewmojo

Mark is a people focused entrepreneur with a passion and curiosity for discovering new approaches to traditional ways. He says “It feels like the corporate world has been mostly focused on process efficiency for the last 40 years and we’ve only recently identified the biggest impact of all - valuing our people.”
Mark was previously co-founder and CEO of IP Payments, Australia's leading payment gateway that was acquired by Private Equity in 2015. He has experience building highly engaged teams and a continued thirst for learning novel ways to lead great people. Mark has an Engineering background, loves a practical joke and his weird dance moves are a must-see.

Get the best out of your team by unlearning everything you were taught about performance management

To be a modern, inspiring leader you need to drop nearly everything you learnt about performance management. The old school command and control management style is mostly dead but conventional wisdom captured in company policies sends a clear message that staff are a risk and they need to be controlled.

Find out how modern leaders avoid the use of control, in favour of enabling and empowering their teams from the ground up. Learn how to create an environment where individuals express a preference and willingness to achieve their team’s common purpose.