We live in a talent economy

Where employees want to make a huge and positive impact through their work. They want to achieve big goals, innovate new ways and engage with purpose. The top performers are seeking out these workplaces and employers enabling this, are making themselves irresistible.


Performance management has changed for good

Annual or 6 monthly reviews no longer meet the needs of today's talent. Employees need to constantly know how they're going, whether they need to make minor course corrections or double down on something great. They need to know their goals are aligned with what really matters, and their manager is there to coach, and help them succeed.


It's a new way of thinking

Continuous performance management changes everything, from a once a year pain, to an employee centric model of development, engagement and retention.




Join the shift to continuous performance management

Adobe pioneered continuous performance management in 2012 and were the first to dump the annual review. The process has evolved even further since and we just love the reactions from the Adobe team!

It can sometimes catch people by surprise, so here's what to expect when you announce the replacement of annual or 6 monthly reviews.

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