Task management software that builds accountability, operates transparently and creates a safe feedback culture.

Leadership is changing

Conventional corporate wisdom no longer applies or simply doesn't feel right.

Being a forward-thinking leader is not about command and control. It's about courageous vulnerability, authenticity, total transparency and trusting your team.

Delegate like a pro

Delegate tasks in a way that's engaging for you and the person doing the work. It's not about telling them to do something, but rather securing their commitment. Our app gets you buy-in with a unique process that fosters ownership and accountability. It creates a personal contract that ensures the achievement of what was promised by the committed time.

Get on top of every task

Know the status of every task and who committed to fulfil them. From the moment you send it until final completion, our app ensures there are no surprises.

Has your task been received? Viewed? How confident are they in meeting the deadline? Have they forgotten about it?

Get answers to these questions without having to ask.

90 second explainer of Crewmojo

60 seconds on how it works

A safe, two-way feedback culture

Opening yourself up to feedback from your team is a builder of trust. It shows you're open minded and keen to receive feedback. Just as important it sends a message that you intend to create a culture based on coaching and improvement, rather than command and control.

By weaving the feedback process into everyday tasks rather than an annual review, it becomes normal and comfortable rather than formal and forced.

Lead productive one-on-one check-ins

With a real-time trend graph of each individual's Mojoscore, coupled with a history of feedback snippets you'll be able to lead highly productive check-ins based on real work achievements. Just as importantly your team can easily access and instigate a discussion about specific tasks they found challenging or rewarding, thereby avoiding a bias towards the review of only the most recent events.

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