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12 Guiding Principles of Continuous Performance

Make performance decisions easy by testing your process against these core principles.


HR Buyers Guide to Continuous Performance

Get an inside view for what you need to understand from vendors when buying continuous performance.


5 Stage Maturity Model, Traditional to Self Managed

The key phases each organization moves through to reach continuous performance.


Focus Group Template - Get Team Buy-In

A step by step guide for running a performance management focus group.


Continuous Performance Playbook

The A to Z step by step guide for implementing continuous performance management.


How to be a High Performance Employee

How to add value to your team and fast track your own performance outcomes.


Pre-Implementation Survey

Capture the data you need to measure the impact of your continuous performance project.


Continuous performance - email template to get employees ready

A template email introducing employees to upcoming performance process changes.


All-in-one software vs HRTech Stack - White Paper

Learn how best-of-breed HRTech and deep integration capabilities are the future of HR services.


GROW coaching template

Start coaching with the GROW model, this template and guide will help with steps and example questions.


Example 5 Category Scale

An example 5 category scale based on behavioural observation and incorporating Gallup research where level 2 is the mid-point.


Quick Downloads - Direct Template Access

Remote Worker Routines

One page cheat sheet for remote workers to stay on track with key routines.


New Work Environment Conversation

A manager template for a 1-on-1 conversation when your team members transition to a remote working environment.


A Global Shift in Performance Management

A worldwide trend towards digital, knowledge-based working that’s driving all businesses towards a more human way of working.


Continuous Performance Transformation

HR Tech can help with a transformation to continuous performance but a proper change program is critically important. Get an overview of our program here.


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