1-on-1 Meeting Agenda Template

We take the admin out of 1-on-1 meetings so you can focus on what matters - the conversation. Using Crewmojo's meeting agenda template, managers easily have forward looking, highly productive conversations.

Easy 1-on-1 process

Simply schedule 1-on-1s using our calendar integrations, get reminders, let us handle the agenda and instantly log any outcomes or notes.

1-on-1 Meeting Request
1-on-1 Agenda

Flexible 1-on-1 meeting agenda

A flexible agenda that can be as simple as 'grab-a-coffee'.

Easily add talking points prior to the 1-on-1 so nothing gets forgotten.

Pick what's important in the moment, whether it's your company values or challenges with current work. Together, you control the agenda to make it meaningful everytime.

It's all about managers and team members connecting with quality conversations on a regular basis. 


Engage with quality conversations

As well as covering goals and work, get prompted to include the softer components like feedback, culture and values.

1-on-1 Meeting Conversations
1-on-1 Curated Questions

Curated coaching questions

Our carefully curated questions help you get the conversation going in the right direction.

Ensure a forward looking, coaching conversation that your team members comfortably engage with.