Annual Performance Reviews Are No Longer Effective


Crewmojo's performance development software makes it easy to conduct fair and objective performance reviews. You'll make your employees happier, retain them longer and build performance faster.

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For Companies Looking to Reinvent Their Performance Management


The Hard Truth About Your Employees

Today, employees don't tolerate command & control, once-a-year feedback or unfair annual reviews. They demand ownership of their goals, coaching feedback and objective performance reviews.

We all value our employees, but the way we've been taught to evaluate them no longer works.

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Performance Management Fact1.PNG

Employee performance isn't annual.
It's ongoing. 

Today, empowered employees are the secret to growing your business.

They perform at a higher level, stay with you longer, and tell the world they're proud of their employer. 

To make this a reality, you need a continuous approach to helping your employees - not a point-in-time annual process.

Start building a modern performance management culture.

Create an unrivalled employee experience, improve employee retention and boost business performance.


"Teams who are brought together by Crewmojo inspire themselves. The spirit of cooperation that it fosters means that everyone is bought in and the whole ends up being greater than the sum of the parts."

Stephen Edwards
Chairman, Silver Lining Solutions


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Grow your business through happier, more successful employees.

Get started with Crewmojo's performance management software today to empower your employees, and grow through their success.