Why we started Crewmojo

We are all about helping people to be successful at work.

We believe traditional corporate structures come from a foundation that is not applicable to skilled teams. The foundation is based on corporate control and protecting the company from potentially rogue staff. Corporate policies and structures have been developed over decades to ‘tell’ staff to be successful at work; and if they aren’t the consequence will be a performance management process.

We passionately believe humans should be ‘enabled’ in order to be successful at work. We believe this is achieved by turning many of the corporate norms upside down. Fundamentally coming from a foundation of trust that staff ‘want’ to do their best, where managers work to remove obstacles and coach team members through their daily challenges.

Having grown a previous company over 10 years from startup to a successful Private Equity exit, we’ve had first hand experience in the results of this modern and more effective leadership style. We consistently won business against much bigger companies and we achieved ground breaking goals for our customers that were initially considered impossible.

We realized we could do this purely because of the team and the intrinsic accountability they had to each other. We could see the impact this type of leadership style had on many aspects of the business and everyone who interacted with the business; and how it bucked all the corporate norms.

We started Crewmojo with the goal of turning the foundations of that leadership style into a software process that could help other leaders to quickly and easily adopt this modern and more effective leadership style.

What makes us different

Task lists and email only solve half the problem of getting stuff done in your team. Email quickly gets buried, task lists go stale and they both rely on constant diligence.

Crewmojo enables you to allocate tasks for your team and forget about them (the tasks that is!). We have an intelligent reminder system that periodically checks in with the person doing the work to see how they're feeling about completing the task on time. We then pass on a status update to you that keeps you fully informed of progress.

This unique process allows you to free your mind of the constant internal nags to check-in with people on the tasks they've been allocated. You no longer have to fear if team members have been distracted away from important tasks, actions or goals - because if they are, we ensure the focus is brought right back to where it should be.