Why we started Crewmojo

We are all about helping people to be successful at work.

We believe traditional corporate structures come from a foundation that is not applicable to modern teams. The foundation is based on corporate control with policies and structures that have been developed over decades to ‘tell’ staff to be successful at work.

We passionately believe that the best teams are 'enabled' to be successful by creating an environment of growth. We believe this is achieved by turning many of the corporate norms upside down. Fundamentally coming from a foundation of trust that staff ‘want’ to do their best, where managers work to remove obstacles and coach team members through challenges.

Having grown a previous company over 10 years from startup to a successful private equity exit, we’ve had firsthand experience in the results of this modern and more effective leadership style. We consistently won business against much bigger companies and we achieved ground breaking goals for our customers that were initially considered impossible.

We could see the positive impact this type of leadership style had on the performance of the business and how it bucked all the corporate norms.

We started Crewmojo with the goal of turning the foundations of that leadership style into a software process that could help other leaders to quickly and easily adopt this modern and more effective leadership style.

What makes us different

Crewmojo is a re-invention of the annual performance review. Delivered via apps with a consumer-like experience we weave employee feedback into everyday work. With continuous feedback, people can make minor course corrections before small issues manifest into bigger problems.
Drawing from feedback processes implemented by Uber, Airbnb and eBay, Crewmojo has designed a simple two-way feedback system for the workplace. Feedback is linked to specific work rather than a generic time period and no single event can skew an individual’s overall position.
Research shows that regular check-ins between managers and their team are critical in a modern performance coaching environment. Our software provides great conversation starters for these check-ins based on actual work undertaken and feedback received throughout the period.
During check-ins, it is best practice to agree goals that a team member will work towards over the next period. Crewmojo has been designed to easily capture these goals and give employees the best chance of successful goal completion. Regular nudges from the app and one click update buttons ensure goals don’t get forgotten and key information is surfaced quickly – especially if goals start to slip off track!
The process of feedback, check-ins and goal setting repeats. With a philosophy of transparency, goals are visible by all team members and anyone can comment or collaborate with information to help move a teammate forward.