OKR goal setting

Easily capture goals from the ground up that are aligned with the organisation and meaningful to the employee. Our agile process ensures goals don't go stale and employees have the best opportunity for success.


1-on-1 meetings

1-on-1 meetings between managers and their team are critical in a modern performance coaching environment. Our software provides great conversation starters for these informal 1-on-1s based on actual work undertaken and feedback received during the period.


Real-time feedback

Successful teams build trust through open and honest conversations that lift and grow each person. Crewmojo engages team members in timely, relevant and positive feedback behaviours from the ground up.

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Snapshot Updates

Awesome communication between employees and managers is made easy with our simple snapshots feature. Important employee topics are floated so managers are well informed and can easily provide updates in return. Whether it's local teams or remote workers, snapshots will keep you all on the same page.


Company Values

Bring your company values to life… Like never before!

We help keep your core values front and center on your team’s dashboard. Leverage Crewmojo’s unique approach to articulate the good and bad behaviours associated with your values.

Let us communicate your desired behaviours over time with positive little reminders of the behaviours you’d like to see.

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Ephemeral Teams

Modern work happens on teams. They dynamically come together around projects and fluidly disappear on completion. Crewmojo empowers the networks of teams across your business.

Integrated meetings make it simple to keep everyone focused with accountability around action items, talking points and follow-ups… all centrally stored with the team for collaboration.

Performance Story

Each employee gets a real-time performance story covering vital information from their goals, feedback, 1-on-1s and numerous other data points - all neatly collated into a graphical report on performance.

There are no surprises as team members influence and see their performance story unfold a little more each day. Make fair compensation decisions based on real data gathered throughout the period.


Same experience on all devices

With a responsive browser interface and apps for Android and iOS, it's the same experience across all devices. Download the Crewmojo App by clicking the store icons below.

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